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Positive public relations are fundamental to long-term success for companies and products. Our aim is to establish a stellar reputation for your brand with the public, industry press and key stakeholders.

We can help craft a communications plan and media strategy for your company or product, providing the necessary tools to engage the right people and build mutually beneficial relationships. Whether you want to spread information and gain exposure  or keep a low profile, our team can seamlessly facilitate the process.

We can also help you establish credibility through key media exposure. We are well-versed in crafting media materials and placing them with the right media at the right time to secure industry and business-to-business press coverage, ensuring you are well-positioned as an expert in your industry.

Examples of public relations services offered may include: media outreach, strategic partnership development, employee communication, conference representation, booking of speaking engagements, copywriting, staff training and much more. We also provide counsel to management regarding corporate responsibility and community issues.


The team at Impressions Strategic Consulting offers a wide range of social media services, from top-level planning to detailed execution for specific campaigns. Work includes social media plan development, content creation, building monthly planning calendars, editing, outreach, engagement and more. 

Measurement and analysis are critical. We dive deep into the metrics in order to gauge success. With our help, clients can quantify their engagement, likes, and shares, gaining insight about sales, brand awareness and reputation.

We partner with the best professionals in the industry and provide project management to execute online advertising and search engine optimization campaigns, paid search, mobile application development and web design and development.  


Impressions Strategic Consulting facilitates effective communication with both internal and external stakeholders.

We offer in-depth issue management planning, preparing brands for a potential crisis, including media interview preparedness, message development, simulations and staff training. The Impressions Strategic Consulting team can also provide on-site support during an issue and real time monitoring and analysis in a crisis. 

Additionally, we offer copy-writing and planning for organizational communications, book speaking engagements, provide guidance and media training for leaders and can monitor reputation and sentiment. We make sure our clients are communicating clearly with employees, media, and the public.


The team at Impressions Strategic Consulting can help guide your planning process and also provide day-to-day implementation of marketing activities. We help clients cultivate relationships and communicate the value of their products and services to customers. We can help attract new customers and give you the tools to retain existing clientele and grow their relationships.

Our team has expertise in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer campaigns. We offer services such as marketing plan development, focus group facilitation and complete development of brand identity. We partner with the best design professionals to visually express your brand on the web, mobile or other traditional mediums. 

As the communications and public relations landscape evolves, it is essential that companies and brands maintain clear messaging and content to tell their story across various channels. We will work with you to develop a content marketing strategy and craft cohesive, meaningful content that can be used to communicate with your audiences wherever they are.

Content marketing includes a number of written materials such as email marketing, website content, ads, blog content, press releases, fact sheets and collateral materials.